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Transmission Line Power Tower

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High quality Transmission Line Power Tower is offered by China manufacturers Xuteng Iron Tower. Buy Transmission Line Power Tower which is of high quality directly with low price.

Structures that support the conductors and lightning conductors of high-voltage or ultra-high voltage overhead power transmission lines. According to its shape, it is generally divided into five types: wine cup type, cat head type, top type, dry type, and barrel type. According to its purpose, it is divided into tension tower, straight tower, corner tower, transposition tower (replacing wire phase position tower), terminal tower, and crossing tower.

The transmission line power tower mainly bears wind load, ice load, line tension, dead load, personnel and tool weight during installation or maintenance, as well as loads such as wire breakage and seismic effects. When designing, consideration should be given to the reasonable combination of these loads under different meteorological conditions, including the weight of towers, lines, fittings, insulators, the combined force of line angles, and the unbalanced tension along the line. There are different regulations in different countries regarding the number of broken wires (generally not considering simultaneous disconnection of wires and lightning rods), the magnitude of broken wire tension, and the meteorological conditions during the disconnection.

There are many types of transmission line power tower foundations, which vary depending on the type of tower, terrain, geology, construction and transportation conditions.

Common ones include: 

① integral rigid foundation; 

② Integral flexible foundation; 

③ Independent rigid foundation; 

④ Independent flexible foundation; 

⑤ Independent metal foundation; 

⑥ Stay wire anchor; 

⑦ Chuck and chassis; 

⑧ Pile foundation.

The above ① and ② types of foundations are mainly used for narrow tower bodies with small land use. ③, ④, and ⑧ types of foundations are used for soft soil foundations. ⑤ types are suitable for mountainous areas or areas where transportation and water intake are difficult. ⑥ types are only used for stay towers, and ⑦ types are only used for reinforced concrete towers. In addition to considering the strength of the foundation and foundation, it is also necessary to calculate the stability of the foundation's uplift and overturning.

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