Fiberglass Chimney Tower
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Fiberglass Chimney Tower

Xuteng Iron Tower is a professional leader China Fiberglass Chimney Tower manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. Welcome to contact us.

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Product Description

High quality Fiberglass Chimney Tower is offered by China manufacturer Xuteng Iron Tower. Buy Fiberglass Chimney Tower which is of high quality directly with low price.

Fiberglass chimney towers are used for products in industries such as electricity, fertilizers, chemicals, smelting, and petroleum.


The fiberglass chimney is made of fiberglass. The product has the characteristics of low cost, short production cycle, long service life, convenient processing, simple installation, light weight, high strength and rigidity, smooth internal and external surfaces made of fiberglass, excellent aging resistance and corrosion resistance under high temperature, and can easily add sprinklers, filters, etc. to absorb harmful components in the flue gas.

Product Introduction

The main part of the fiberglass chimney is made by winding technology, and the wrapped fiberglass products are composed of laminated structures. Due to the large length ratio of fiberglass chimneys, we have developed a complete set of mature and reliable production and installation processes to ensure the installation accuracy (especially verticality) of chimneys. Additionally, we can also design according to the diameter and height of the fiberglass chimney according to customer requirements. At the same time, the shape can also be designed according to the specific requirements of the customer. The fiberglass chimney produced by our factory is widely used in industries such as electricity, fertilizers, chemicals, smelting, and petroleum as a treatment equipment for corrosive or high-temperature flue gas.


1. In winter in the north or in places that require insulation, fiberglass chimneys can achieve good insulation effects without the need for insulation or thermal insulation layers, which is determined by the slow heat transfer characteristics of fiberglass materials;

2. We can produce products with better corrosion resistance according to customer requirements;

3. The cost and factory price of fiberglass chimneys are lower than those of other types of chimneys;

4. Glass mesh has a long service life; Therefore, when using high-quality fiberglass to produce fiberglass chimneys, the service life is also longer;

5. Due to the small proportion of fiberglass, it is easier to transport compared to other metal products, so the amount of steel used to support them is more economical, and the overall installation cost is lower.

Production Process:

Due to the high working temperature of many chimneys (usually 50-180 ℃) and the complex composition of flue gas, general resins cannot meet their requirements. Therefore, the key to selecting lining resins and structural layer resins is whether they can meet the corrosion requirements under high temperature conditions. The selection of structural layer resins also needs to adapt to high temperature resistance requirements, and it is also necessary to consider matching the fracture elongation of structural resins with the fracture elongation of lining resins. Considering the convenience of installation, we will segment the chimney according to customer installation requirements and then assemble it on site; The installation process can also be designed according to the customer's wishes.

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