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Meteorological Monitoring Radar Tower

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The meteorological monitoring radar tower is a special type of meteorological observation device.

Meteorological monitoring radar towers are often effective tools for observing the atmospheric boundary layer. In fact, there are many things used for boundary layer detection, such as tethered balloons, low altitude detectors, special aircraft, acoustic radars, lidars, infrared and microwave detectors, etc. However, their observation effects have great limitations, mainly due to discontinuity and discontinuity, and because they are not directly detected, the results need to be verified, so people are not very satisfied with them, However, meteorological observation towers have this advantage.

The observation of the atmospheric boundary layer using meteorological observation towers, as a special observation, has a clear purpose. It aims to understand the temperature and humidity of the atmosphere in the range of tens of meters to thousands of meters on the surface, as well as the changes in height distribution over time. This observation can provide accurate data for numerical weather forecasting at different heights. In addition, it provides some reference materials for high-rise building design, as the consideration of wind force for buildings at different heights cannot be ignored, Whether to save construction funds and improve quality is an important issue in architectural design.

For the meteorological environment monitoring system, everyone has some understanding, and its main function is to monitor the meteorological environment, such as CO2, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, illumination, air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, PM2.5/PM10, and other parameters. Through monitoring the meteorological environment, reference meteorological data is provided to support and guide the next steps in work and life.

The operation process of the meteorological environment monitoring system can be divided into three steps: detection, collection, transmission, display and storage of meteorological parameters.

Monitoring: Generally completed by monitoring various meteorological environment sensors and collectors, converting various electrical signals into digital signals, and selecting corresponding sensor types and quantities based on monitoring scenarios and application requirements;

Transmission: After collecting meteorological data, it is transmitted to the cloud platform through wireless transmission methods such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Ethernet, WIFI, etc;

Data management: The data transmitted by the transmission module will be presented in the form of data and curves after being received by the cloud platform. Open the computer or phone for easy viewing by users. In addition, historical data will be saved on the computer for easy viewing by users at any time;


Strong adaptability: Good waterproof performance, metal sheet metal integration, long-term work in harsh outdoor environments, ensuring the accuracy of meteorological element data; At the same time, it supports two methods of solar power supply and power supply. In the absence of power supply outdoors, a 40W solar panel with a battery capacity of 10Ah can also be used, working continuously for 7-10 days;

Long service life: Portable weather stations have a higher integration level, as they require frequent movement and monitoring of meteorological elements. Therefore, portable weather sensors have a higher integration level, which makes them less prone to damage and have a longer service life.

The meteorological environment monitoring system has a variety of application scenarios, such as agriculture, campus, municipal management, parks, etc., and the composition equipment is not fixed. Based on the actual meteorological environment, it is selected according to needs.

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