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Meteorological Detection Radar Tower

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The meteorological detection radar tower is a radar specifically designed for atmospheric detection.

Weather radar is one of the main detection tools used for warning and forecasting medium and small-scale weather systems (such as typhoon and rainstorm cloud system).

A conventional radar device generally consists of directional antennas, transmitters, receivers, antenna controllers, displays and camera devices, electronic computers, and image transmission.

The installation height of instruments on the meteorological tower can be determined according to needs and possibilities, usually with sparse upper and dense lower, using logarithmic equidistant distribution. There are two types of instruments on the tower: one is vertical gradient observation instruments, which measure the distribution of average values of temperature, humidity, and wind with height; Another type is atmospheric turbulence measurement instruments, which continuously measure instantaneous values of temperature and wind speed. These instruments require small time constants and high observation accuracy (see surface meteorological observation instruments).

To avoid the impact of the tower body on airflow and temperature, the instrument should be installed as far as possible on an extension rod from the tower body, and it is best to install two sets of instruments in 180 degree directions at the same time, so that one set of readings can be selected based on the current wind direction. In order for instruments at various heights to have high comparability, the performance of the instruments must be the same, and parallel comparisons need to be conducted frequently. Telemetry instruments are often used on the tower, equipped with computer systems to achieve automation of observation programs, recording, data storage, and processing.

The requirements for the meteorological tower site are mainly determined by the purpose of building the tower. If used to study the basic laws of the atmospheric boundary layer, meteorological towers should be built in areas with uniform and flat surface characteristics. If used to study the boundary layer atmosphere and environmental pollution in a specific site area, the meteorological tower should be built in that site area.

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