35 Meter Angle Steel Lightning Protection Tower
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35 Meter Angle Steel Lightning Protection Tower

High quality 35 Meter Angle Steel Lightning Protection Tower is offered by China manufacturers Xuteng Iron Tower. Buy 35 Meter Angle Steel Lightning Protection Tower which is of high quality directly with low price.

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Product Description

Xuteng Iron Tower is one of leading China 35 Meter Angle Steel Lightning Protection Tower manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. The 35 meter angle steel lightning protection tower has strong resistance to damage, diverse shapes, beautiful appearance, and innovative design.

The lightning protection tower adopts angle steel, round steel, and steel pipes as the tower column materials, with a small wind load coefficient and strong wind resistance. The tower column is connected with an external flange, and the bolts are tensioned, which is not easy to damage. The tower column is arranged in a single pipe, four corner, or triangular shape, saving steel, occupying a small area, saving soil resources, convenient location selection, light weight of the tower body, convenient transportation and installation, short construction period, and the tower type is designed according to the wind load curve, with smooth lines, In rare wind disasters, it is not easy to collapse, and the design to reduce human and animal casualties complies with the steel structure design specifications and tower and mast design regulations. The structure is an important lightning protection facility for high-rise buildings, dangerous goods warehouses, oil storage tanks, power stations, electric fields, and computer rooms.

Resistance to damage: Wind level 10/earthquake level 6.

The protection range is calculated according to the GB50057 rolling ball method.


1. Basic wind pressure: w0=0.4 and 0.7KN/m2

2. Seismic fortification intensity: 8 degrees and less in areas

3. Foundation bearing capacity: 100 and 200KN/m2

4. Ice thickness: ≤ 10mm5, verticality: ≤ 1/1000


1. Lightning protection design of buildings

2. Design of high-rise structures

3. Steel structure design

4. Construction and acceptance of tower mast steel structure

Usage: Mainly used for lightning protection projects in various buildings, especially refineries, gas stations, chemical plants, coal mines, explosive depots, and flammable and explosive workshops. Lightning protection towers should be installed in a timely manner. Due to climate change, lightning disasters continue to worsen. Nowadays, many buildings are equipped with lightning protection towers, especially stainless steel decorative iron towers on the roof. The shapes and styles are diverse, the appearance is beautiful, and the design is novel. It is applied to the roofs of various buildings The buildings such as squares and green spaces in residential areas complement each other and become iconic decorative buildings in the city. The principle of lightning towers is the same as that of lightning rods. Reduce lightning disasters.

Beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, good conductive communication performance, reasonable design and excellent production. The tower body is equipped with channels for easy installation, maintenance, and upkeep; The design is novel and unique, which can correspond with various modern buildings, increase the appearance beauty of the building, and enhance the overall image of the building. Lightning protection, equipped with ordinary lightning protection or advanced professional product lightning protection devices. Air defense, equipped with ordinary obstacle lights or advanced fully automatic high-life aviation obstacle light devices with flash. Communication, equipped with various devices for installing BP machine antenna communication, can achieve fire and anti-theft wireless networking. Some sightseeing halls are equipped with open or closed sightseeing halls. The upper part of the decorative tower is stainless steel pipe, and the surface of the tower body is made of stainless steel plate, During the day, it is very bright, and at night, there are various chase style circular colored lights or colored spotlights to enhance the shape of the building and have the function of beautifying the night scenery.

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