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Signal Transmission Tower

Xuteng Iron Tower is one of leading China Signal Transmission Tower manufacturers, supplier and exporter.

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Product Description

High quality Signal Transmission Tower is offered by China manufacturers Xuteng Iron Tower. Buy Signal Transmission Tower which is of high quality directly with low price.

Compared to traditional multi tube towers, signal transmission towers occupy a smaller area, save space, and have lower installation and maintenance costs.

Communication tower is a type of signal transmission tower, also known as signal transmission tower or signal tower. Its main function is to support signals and provide support for signal transmission antennas. It is used in communication departments such as China Mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications, and transportation satellite positioning systems (GPS). Communication towers include new three pipe communication towers, traditional types of angle steel towers, and stay wire towers.

Type of communication tower

The communication tower adopts a self-supporting high-rise structure, which can be divided into angle steel tower, steel pipe tower, and single pipe tower based on the cross-sectional form of its components.

(1) In general, angle steel towers should adopt a folded line with a horizontal cross-section of square and an outer contour shape of approximately parabolic; If limited by the construction site, the horizontal section can also be rectangular; The root opening size of the angle steel tower should not be less than 1/8 of the tower height.

(2) Steel pipe towers and steel pipe composite towers should adopt a triangular or quadrilateral shape, and their root opening size should not be less than 1/25 of the tower height.

(3) Single pipe towers are generally made of hot-rolled seamless steel pipes or automatically rolled welded steel pipes, with an upward conical appearance, and their height should be controlled below 50 meters.

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