Lightning Protection Tower

Lightning protection tower is a common tower type lightning protection device. Alias: Lightning rod tower, steel structure lightning rod, tower type lightning rod. There are four specifications of lightning protection towers: GFL four column angle steel lightning protection tower; GJT three column round steel lightning protection tower; GH steel pipe pole lightning protection tower; GFW lightning protection tower.

The protection range of the lightning protection tower also needs to be calculated using the rolling ball method to calculate the protection radius and protection range. Lightning protection towers are mainly used for lightning protection projects in various buildings, especially in refineries, gas stations, chemical plants, coal mines, explosive depots, and flammable and explosive workshops. Lightning protection towers should be installed in a timely manner. Due to climate change, lightning disasters continue to worsen, and many buildings are equipped with lightning protection towers, especially stainless steel decorative iron towers on the roof. They have diverse shapes, beautiful appearances, and novel and unique designs, and are widely used in various types of building roofs The buildings such as squares and green spaces in residential areas complement each other and become iconic decorative buildings in the city. The principle of lightning towers is the same as lightning rods, reducing lightning disasters.

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GFW Lightning Protection Tower

GFW Lightning Protection Tower

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