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Angle Steel Monitoring Tower

High quality Angle Steel Monitoring Tower is offered by China manufacturers Xuteng Iron Tower. Buy Angle Steel Monitoring Tower which is of high quality directly with low price.

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As one of professional manufacturers, Xuteng Iron Tower would like to provide you high quality Angle Steel Monitoring Tower. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Angle steel monitoring towers are usually steel structures that are easy to assemble. It is a self standing quadrilateral.

The main curve of the watchtower structure is usually a dashed line, and the internal structure is a cross shaped shape. There is a work platform or duty room on top. There is an inclined ladder or rotating ladder inside.

Power angle steel transmission towers can generally be divided into five types according to their shape: wine cup type, cat head type, upper type, dry type, and barrel type. They can be divided into angle tower, tension tower, straight tower, transposition tower, terminal tower, and crossing tower according to their purpose

Power angle steel towers are mainly divided into tension iron towers, parallel line iron towers, angle iron towers, interchange iron towers (replacing transmission line phase difference iron towers), terminal equipment iron towers, and overtaking iron towers according to their main purposes. It should be noted that the structural characteristics of power angle steel towers are that various tower types belong to the bent frame structure of indoor space, and the components are mainly composed of single equilateral angle steel or composite angle steel Two types, the components are connected by randomly made anchor bolts, and the anchor bolts are connected by shear stress. All towers are composed of angle steel, connecting thick steel plates and anchor bolts, while some components such as tower legs are welded from several thick steel plates. Welded into one, hot-dip galvanized for anti-corrosion, transportation, and construction convenience. For power angle steel towers with a height of less than 60m, foot nails are set on one of the main materials of the tower to facilitate construction personnel climbing the tower. It is usually mainly used for critical locations on the transmission line to limit safety accidents and the effectiveness of anchoring the transmission line with steel bars. Beneficial for engineering construction and maintenance, hanging tensile insulator strings.

In addition, power angle steel towers are also used for bifurcations of dual circuit power supply. For the parallel part of the line, hang vertical insulator strings. Set outside wider rivers and canyons. Alternatively, reverse phase can be set on the road. Used at the corners of the route. The routing terminal equipment is set in front of the power distribution station. This product is mainly used for the corner parallel line part of the route. The above is a classification of all the main uses of power towers. We all know that at present, power angle steel towers play a particularly important role in the construction of power lines, promoting the completion of power transmission through cable lines and serving multiple people. Therefore, common power angle steel towers are commonly used. When problems arise, they need to be fixed. The current maintenance of power angle steel towers requires manual climbing for maintenance. After climbing, due to the lack of safety protection, maintenance personnel are prone to accidents if they fall. To ensure safety, it is recommended that you check the safety factors of various lightning protection equipment on the tower pole, including whether the lightning protection grounding is fragile, whether the components are intact and secure, and accurately measure the resistance value of the tower pole grounding wire and equipotential connection.

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