5G Signal Communication Tower
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5G Signal Communication Tower

Find a huge selection of 5G Signal Communication Tower from China at Xuteng Iron Tower.

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Product Description

Xuteng Iron Tower is one of professional China 5G Signal Communication Tower manufacturers and suppliers, if you are looking for the best 5G Signal Communication Tower with low price, consult us now! The 5G signal communication tower adopts single tube steel components, which are hot-dip galvanized and then painted, with a smooth and beautiful surface and consistent luster.

The site selection requirements and regulations for 5G signal Communication towers should meet the following aspects:

1. Site layout structure

The layout of the base station should match the surrounding environment, and an ideal cellular structure should be formed between the base stations as much as possible. The selection of station location should be guided by unified planning and combined with the actual situation of the network.

2. Try to concentrate traffic distribution as much as possible

Avoid setting the edges of the community in user intensive areas, as good coverage requires having and only having one main coverage area for the community.

3. The height of the station site is higher than the average height of the surrounding area

In general, the height of the antenna should be higher than the average height of surrounding buildings by more than 5m to ensure coverage.

4. Base stations should avoid large interference sources

The high background noise near high-power radio stations leads to a sharp deterioration in call quality; Paging and microwave devices with similar frequencies can also generate intermodulation interference, causing issues such as dropped calls and poor call quality.

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