Single-tube tower has a simple and reasonable structure


Most single-tube communication towers are cylindrical (conical) structures; the foundations are mostly made of square plates or circular plates. The diameter of single-tube communication towers is very small, so the size of the foundation is not large. Under the action of wind bending moment, the edge of the foundation floor It may be pulled away from the foundation. According to the design specifications for high-rise structures, under the standard combination of normal service limit state load effects, the bottom surface of the foundation is not allowed to be separated from the foundation soil. For this reason, it is necessary to expand the slab foundation to enhance the bending resistance of the foundation floor. When the foundation is not good, the slab foundation and piles are used. Single-tube communication tower refers to a self-standing towering structure for wireless communications composed of a single steel pipe. Its main body is mostly a circular or polygonal cross-section welded steel pipe, referred to as a single-tube tower. The body material of the single-tube tower is mostly Q345B, and other auxiliary materials are Q235B. The tower body is a pure steel structure without beautification and camouflage shape. Common tower shapes include plug-in type, external climbing bracket type, internal/external flange type, etc.

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