The purpose of chimney towers and tower structure


The chimney tower belongs to a towering steel structure and is an amorphous product. Depending on the engineering situation, the tower structure can be designed by designers according to their requirements. The tower has a wide range of uses, mainly used for supporting factory air ducts and chimneys, supporting large buildings, lifting tower cranes, water tower frames, monitoring engineering, communication engineering and other special purposes. The main structure and materials of the tower are angle steel, channel steel, steel pipe, H-shaped steel, and round steel. The main connection methods of the tower are flange plate connection and connecting plate plate plate. Before anti-corrosion treatment of the surface of the chimney tower, sandblasting and rust removal should be carried out on the surface. After the rust removal is qualified, the four column chimney tower should be treated with anti-corrosion according to the requirements. The external anti-corrosion of the exhaust pipe is the same as that of the tower. After the internal sandblasting is qualified, the lining rubber is used for anti-corrosion.

The types and structures of chimney towers: Chimney towers refer to chimney support towers, exhaust emission towers, chimney auxiliary support towers, etc.

The steel structure support frame is mainly used to support the supported pipe body, and the structural forms are self-supporting and stay wire.

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